Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

Produced by UT El Paso
Venue: UT El Paso Wise Family Theatre, El Paso, TX
Directed by Gregory Beam
Costumes designed by Nicole Read
Sound Designed by Alex Ringering
Scenery Designed by Ross Fleming
Properties Designed by Alex Guillen
Production Stage Manager: Herman Gomez

Design Statement
Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol is a staple show in the UTEP season and is highly anticipated by the El Paso audience. This year's production was the second year on a new set. This new set increased what I could do from a projections standpoint to help tell this classic story. As the projections designer, I was able to visually represent magic and weather in the space as we progressed to an ever more aery Christmas Eve Night. I further enhanced the story I was telling in projections through my lighting choices. With an extensive rig, I was able to create both realistic style lighting for interiors and London streets as well as highly stylized moments while we "flew" over London and the English countryside.