Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

No Erasure

Produced by Transversal Theater Company
Venue: Jesuit Theatre, Cairo, Egypt
Written & Directed by Jesús López Vargas
                    & Bryan Reynolds
Sound Designed by Athziri Morales
Production Assistance by Sky Reynolds & Gosia Lorenz

Design Statement
No Erasure was my first international show. This forty-minute devised piece was created mostly within the twenty-four hours of rehearsal time and I was fortunate enough to be there for all of it. While observing the devising process I was also in charge of audio playback for rehearsal and was working with the Egyptian Technical Director for the Jesuit Theatre to hang as many lights as possible for this show. In the end, this show was created using a system of LED backlight, a system of PAR front light, and two movers on the downstage corners for specials. I had to get more creative than usual in my cuing of the show not only because of the limitations of my rig but also since each system was on its own console and none of them could store cues. Working closely with the directors, I was able to connect subtle story pieces with the lighting cues and chosen projection content, highlighting the relationships between the devised characters and telling a story of censorship. Ultimately, this fast-paced process and my constant involvement in the rehearsal process led to what I feel to be one of my most creatively designed shows to date.