Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

In The Next Room

Produced by UT El Paso
Venue: UT El Paso Wise Family Theatre, El Paso, TX
Directed by Jay Stratton
Costumes Designed by Melinda Hernandez
Sound Designed by Athziri Morales
Scenery Designed by Ross Fleming
Properties Designed by Lindsay Hearon
Production Stage Manager: Alexia Amador

Design Statement
In The Next Room sits in the world of Magical Realism at the dawn of electricity. This show follows the story of a doctor who cures hysteria in both men and women, while accidentally neglecting his wife until she finally confronts him and we magically leave a very real house for the garden outside where it is snowing. My goal for this production was to emulate what the lighting in this house would have felt like at the dawn of electricity, as well as pulling the audience into the show. One way I accomplished this was the use of over 50 hanging bulbs over the audience that were used to create everything from fireflies to an intense power surge when the doctor accidentally turn the vibrator up a little too high.