Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

Guys and Dolls

Produced by Monomoy Theatre Company
Venue: Monomoy Theatre, Chatham, MA
Artistic Director: Alan Rust
Directed by Kyle Brand
Choreographed by Kyle Rudolph
Music Directed by Phil Rittner
Costumes Designed by Grace Bunt
Sound Designed by Ethan Jones
Scenery Designed by Andrew Sierszyn
Properties Designed by Alex Munn
Production Stage Manager: Jesús López

Design Statement
This production of Guys and Dolls was not only my first show with the Monomoy Theatre but was also my first musical. This design stretched the lighting rig to its limits, with multiple locations throughout New York and Cuba. The lighting for this production needed to help transport the audience from scene to scene as well as help tell the time of day of each scene. While working in realism I was able to keep this upbeat musical bright and energetic and broke our realism at moments to support the over-the-top energy that was given by the music and performers.