Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

As You Like It

Produced by Monomoy Theatre Company
Venue: Monomoy Theatre, Chatham, MA
Artistic Director: Alan Rust
Directed by Terry Layman
Costumes Designed by Alison Pugh
Sound Designed by Ethan Jones
Scenery Designed by Ryan Goff
Properties Designed by Alex Munn
Production Stage Manager: Bethany Weed

Design Statement
As You Like It was probably my favorite show to light in my season at Monomoy Theatre. For this production, we go from the inner city and courts to the forest. For our production, we chose to make this transition by flying out our walls of the city to reveal the trees, boulders, and other forest items to include the back wall of the barn theatre that we had covered in ivy for the show. Within the limits of that are the Monomoy Theatre, I chose to focus most of my color power on the rear wall of the space helping to tell the time of day. The rest of the space was lit in such a way that I could almost emulate what the actual lighting of that space might be.