Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
and ViDEO Editor

The Importance of Being Earnest

Produced by UC, Irvine
Venue: UC Irvine Little Theatre, Irvine, CA
Directed by Shisher Kurup
Costumes Designed by Lauryn Moles
Sound Designed by Hunter Moody
Scenery Designed by Leah Ramillano
Properties Designed by Pam Marsden
Production Stage Manager: Samantha Sorin

Design Statement
In this production of The Importance of Being Earnest we as a design team strove to connect our audience to the production by bringing some of the moods of the later acts into more of a 1960’s feel. Along with modernizing the show we as a team utilized elements of the surrealist movement to hint to some of the social undertones in this play. Specifically, in my lighting design, I utilized influences of the surrealist movement by increasing the harshness of the light to help tell the story. The top of each act had a more realistic lighting, based in the light sources of the day. With the early onset of electric light in Act 1, natural light in Act 2 and gas lighting in Act 3. As we progressed into each Act/Scene, and learned more about the characters ideas and motives, I followed the mood of the individual scenes making slight adjustments to the lighting to support the character arcs, while heightening the style of the show, to bridge the lighting into the more extreme looks for the transitions.