Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
and ViDEO Editor


Produced by Moon Colective
and UTEP Playmakers
Venue: UT El Paso Basement Theatre, El Paso, TX
Directed by Jesús López
Choreographed by Skye Taylor
now know as Teddie Hernandez
Costumes Designed by Sofia Perez
Sound Designed by Alexia Amador
Lighting Designed by Nita Mendoza
Scenery Designed by Constanza Romero
Properties Designed by Olivia Fuentes
Production Stage Manager: Athziri Morales

Design Statement
/ECHO follows the story of multiple individuals in their apartments, on the "same night," during different years. Projections were the main source of time in this show. Each scene was cued in such a way that the clock on the back wall would change speeds to emulate how much time we are actually going through. At the top of each scene, we also adjusted the date to place us in time. We also manipulated the clock at times to help emphasize a specific moment or scene.