Merle DeWitt III

Lighting & Projections Designer
VIDEO Editor

Parliament Square

Produced by UC, Irvine
Venue: UC Irvine Experimental Performance Lab, Irvine, CA
Directed by Jane Page
Costumes Designed by Matthew Martinez
Sound Designed by Ezra Anisman &
Garrett Gagnon
Scenery Designed by Brandon PT Davis
Properties Designed by Pam Marsden
Lighting Designed by Jacob P. Brinkman
Production Stage Manager: Whitney Carter

Design Statement
Parliament Square is a show about a young woman who attempts to emulate herself in Parliament Square, the recovery in the hospital after her emulation and the 15 years after raising her daughter and her relationship with the person who "saved" her. Our production was done in the round and had two curved projections surfaces one on the north side of the space and the other on the south; both surfaces were slightly behind the audience to help immerse the audience in the world of the show. In the first part of the show projections were utilized mostly to help tell the locational journey of the main character as she traveled from her home to Parliament Square in London. During the second part of the story projections placed us in the hospital and helped show the passage of time as our main character moved in and out of consciousness. In the third and final part of the show Projections started to fill the space with news articles and photos of events that happened over fifteen years until the person who initially saved our main character decides to follow the same path she did.